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October 18, 2021

Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould

Workshop: Multilevel Modeling for Psychophysiologists

Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould & Dr. Cara MacInnis

Autonomic Responding During Social Interactions with Acquaintances and Strangers

Cara MacInnis.jpg

October 1, 2021

Congratulations to Cendri Hutcherson for being awarded the Society for Neuroeconomics' Early Career Award!


October 1, 2021

Dr. Ian Roberts, Dr. Azadeh HajiHosseini, & Dr. Cendri Hutcherson

From valence to value: Neurocomputational mechanisms for transforming affect into decisionrelevant information 

Ian Roberts
Azadeh Hajihosseini

September 20, 2021

Congratulations to Victoria Oldemburgo de Mello and Daniel J. Wilson for joining the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society as graduate fellows. Graduate fellows serve a one year term and contribute to the SRI's research by fostering interdisciplinary connections and collaboration.

Victoria Oldemburgo de Mello
Daniel Wilson.jpg

September 3, 2021

Congratulations to Sonia Kang, Penelope Lockwood, Elizabeth Page-Gould, and Nick Rule for being named SPSP Fellows! 

sonia kang.png
Penelope Lockwood
nick rule.jpg

Congratulations to all APA (American Psychological Association) 2021 Presenters

August 14, 2021

Gregory Depow

The Experience of Empathy in Everyday Life

Dr. Jennifer Stellar

Empathy Is Not Monolithic: Empathic Responses to Emotional and Physical Suffering

Yiyi Wang & Dr. Norman Farb

Mental Training for Academic Success During the Pandemic 

Greg Depow.jpg
jenny stellar.jpg
Yiyi Wang

July 31, 2021

Mariko was awarded a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (September 2020 Competition) to fund her research on the hidden potential of relational sacrifices for bolstering individual and relational well-being. Congratulations, Mariko!

Mariko Visserman

Congratulations to CogSci 2021 presenters

July 29, 2021

Nathan Wheeler & Dr. William Cunningham

Deciding to be wrong: Optimism and pessimism in motivated information search

Rebekah Gelpi 

Sampling heuristics for active function learning, Modelling recognition in human puzzle solving

Nathan Wheeler.jpg
wil cunningham.jpeg
Rebekah Gelpi.jpg

June 30, 2021

Dr. Felix Cheung

Revisiting the Income-Happiness Paradox: Testing the Rapidity of Income Growth as a Key to Happiness

Dr. Penelope Lockwood

Narcissistic Posters and Threatened Scrollers: The Dynamic Process of Social Media Comparison

Dr. Erika Carlson

Is meta-accuracy an ability?

Dr. Geoff MacDonald (co-applicant)

"Support From My One and Only": Single Peoples' Perceptions of Social Support from Romantic Partners versus Close Others

June 30, 2021

Alison is a co-applicant to the grant Awakening Canadians to Ageing, which was awarded a Partnership Development Grant in the November 2020 Competition. Congratulations, Alison! 

Alison Chasteen.jpg

Thalia Vrantsidis joining Princeton University Psychology Department

May 1, 2021

Thalia Vrantsidis.png

Congratulations to APS (Association for Psychological Science) 2021 Presenters

May 27, 2021

Greg Depow, Hause Lin, & Michael Inzlicht 

Deciding Who to Help: Prosocial Apathy and the Role of Self-Other Overlap

Menxi Dong & Marc Fournier 

What are the necessary conditions for wisdom? Examining intelligence, creativity, meaning-making, and personality traits

Jackie Koyama 

From naming to blaming: Using ethnic/geographic (vs. medical) virus labels increases hostility, xenophobia, and stigma

Joel Le Forestier, Elizabeth Page-Gould, Alison Chasteen

Intergroup contact intervention on social media, Statistical power for a set of tests

Elia Lam

The effect of a growth mindset intervention on cultural competence

Penelope Lockwood, Claire Midgley, & Sabrina Thai

Can the social network bridge social distancing? Social media use during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Page-Gould

Reducing Race and Other Disparities in and through Psychological Research

Jason Plaks

The aim versus the action: Race, intention, and moral judgment 

Jordana Schiralli & Alison Chasteen

Perceptions of women who confront hostile and benevolent sexism

Kaitlin Werner & Brett Ford

Benefits of having a well-equipped strategy toolbox during goal pursuit 

May 1, 2021

Norhan Elsaadawy is the recipient of UTM's Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Graduate Research Fellowship, which recognizes excellence in research and scholarly performance by a Black, Indigenous, or racialized graduate student of UTM. Congratulations Norhan! 

Norhan Elsaadawy_edited.jpg

April 22, 2021

Congratulations to Kristina Schrage and Natalie Sisson for being awarded Love Consortium Graduate Student Research Grants. Over the next year, they will be conducting research to advance the science of relationships using data available in the Love Consortium Dataverse.  

Kristina Schrage.jpg
Natalie Sisson.jpg

April 21, 2021

Congratulations to Greg Depow, SPRG alum Dr. Zoë Francis, and Dr. Michael Inzlicht for being awarded the Annual Best Paper by the UTSC psychology department. The preprint of their paper, The Experience of Empathy in Everyday Life is available here.

Greg Depow.jpg
Zoe Francis
Michael Inzlicht.jfif

April 21, 2021

Dr. Brett Ford is a recipient of the 2021 UTSC Pre-Tenure Faculty Award. Congratulations, Brett!  

brett ford.jpg

April 16, 2021

Arasteh Gatchpazian

Resilience in the Face of Discrimination: Emotional Acceptance Buffers the Link Between Discrimination and Worse Health

Yachen Li

Awe and Perspective Taking with Ideological Opponents

Jaweria Qaiser

Physiological Synchrony During Compassion Induction 

Angela Smith 

Coping with Health Threats: The Costs and Benefits of Managing Emotions

Jenny Stellar

The Evolution of Emotion Semantics

Arasteh Gatchpazian.jpeg
Yachen Li.jpg
Jaweria Qaiser.png
Angela Smith.jpg
jenny stellar.jpg

April 14, 2021

Dr. Y. Andre Wang will be joining the Psychology Department as an assistant professor in the summer of 2021. His lab at UTSC will focus on understanding how people connect their abstract ideas - about themselves, other people, and the world - to concrete experiences. Welcome, Dr. Wang!

andre wang.jpg

Welcome to new SPRG members

April 1, 2021

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those joining SPRG in Fall 2021:

Hyuna (Hannah) Cho

Graduate student, Dr. Erika Carlson

Fred Duong

Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Jennifer Stellar

Victoria Pringle

Graduate student, Dr. Erika Carlson

Jaweria Qaiser

Graduate student, Dr. Jennifer Stellar

Alexa Sacchi

Graduate student, Dr. Christina Starmans

Fred Duong.jpg
Hannah Cho.jpeg
Jaweria Qaiser.png
Victoria Pringle.JPG
Alexa Sacchi.jpg

Yoobin Park wins Ken Dion Award

March 26, 2021

Congratulations to Yoobin Park for winning the 2021 Ken Dion Graduate Student Award, which recognizes the top SPRG graduate student each year based on research excellence and outstanding contributions to service. Congratulations, Yoobin! 

Yoobin Park.webp

Kaitlin Werner joining Character Lab at the University of Pennsylvania

March 15, 2021

Dr. Kaitlin Werner will be joining Dr. Angela Duckworth's Character Lab at the University of Pennsylvania this summer as a provost's postdoctoral fellow. Congratulations, Kaitlin! 

Kaitlin Werner

Dr. Rebecca Neel and Bethany Lassetter win ISCON Best Paper Award and Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize

March 1, 2021

Congratulations to Becca and Bethany for winning the ISCON Best Paper Award at the SPSP 2021 Social Cognition pre-conference, as well as the SPSP 2021 Daniel M. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize. Their paper on the stigma of perceived irrelevance is available here. 

Rebecca Neel.jpg
Bethany Lassetter.jpg

SPSP 2021 Conference Student Awards

March 1, 2021

Congratulations to all SPSP 2021 Student Award winners!

Graduate Student Poster Award

Y. Yang Teoh (runner up)

The games we play: Prosociality under time pressure reflects context-sensitive information priorities

Outstanding Research Award

Yoobin Park

Singles’ Sexual Satisfaction is Associated With More Satisfaction With Singlehood and Less Interest in Marriage

Sze Yuh Nina Wang

Moral Language Use by U.S. Political Elites

Yi Yang Teoh.jpg
Yoobin Park.webp
Nina Wang.jpg

Congratulations to SPSP 2021 Presenters

February 10, 2021

Congratulations to all SPRG speakers, poster presenters, and panelists at SPSP 2021!

Dr. Joanne Chung 

Rachel C. Forbes

Greg Depow

Dr. Brett Q. Ford

Arasteh Gatchpazian

Rebekah Gelpi

Rebecca M. Horne

Dr. Maria Iankilevitch

Dr. Emily A. Impett

Joel Le Forestier

Nathan Leonhardt

Yachen Li

Dr. Geoff MacDonald

Natalie Sisson

Angela Smith

Dr. Mariko L. Visserman

Dr. Kaitlyn M. Werner

Dr. Hause Lin joining MIT and the University of Regina

January1, 2021

Dr. Hause Lin has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT and the University of Regina, working with Dr. Gordon Pennycook and Dr. David Rand. Congratulations, Hause!

Hause Lin
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